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I Identify The Most Effective Ways To Grow Your Business.

What I Do

I Focus On One Thing: Growing your Revenue.

I'm the marketing guy who can actually show you what I have done for my own businesses before you jump straight in.

Now, how often have you ever had that?

I Help Companies Grow

I’m David, The SEO Fairy, and my day to day is growth marketing. I do it more for my own businesses than I do for others, but I am always on the look out for clients who I feel I could genuinely add value to.

My work is primarily e-commerce and offline retail driven, and I have extensive experience working in sectors that cannot use PPC ads. That’s not my area and personally having used it, I don’t believe it’s the best way to build long-term repeat traffic.

Paying for ads to get people to visit your site for the first time and immediately spend money with a brand they have never heard of, or offered them some upfront value, is a big ask. Most won’t even know how to best navigate your site.

I believe building an extensive and quality content offer, yields far stronger, stable, long-term returns on your investment. A well ranked video or page, brings traffic when the Paid ads aren’t running. 

How Does It Work

4 Easy Steps | Then could start work this week.


We start with a straightforward chat

I need to understand what you have done already and where you want to get to. You tell me what you need and I’ll tell you if I’m the right person. 


I show you what I have taken on board

After our chat, I will go away and come up with a short proposal, nothing too complex. It just lets you see if I have understood your needs. There’ll be a few strategies as a suggestion. You can pick one or none. 


Delivering The Plan

Whatever you pick, we set out realistic goals so you can be confident if things are going to plan sooner rather than later.

We offer break periods each month, so you don’t feel obliged to stick around.


Monitor and Improve

Within my own businesses, we have a philosophy:
“Everything that can measured can be improved.” This means whether it’s traffic reports, keyword ranking scores, you will get frequent updates that you can gauge how things are going.

No-one should ever be in the dark 

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What's My Track Record?

Vape and Juice started on a £5000 budget, within 7 years it had grown to £4.5 million annual revenues | @vapeandjuiceuk
E-commerce | Offline Retail
Co-founder of Skinny Kitchen, the casual dining brand. What started as an Ibizan cafe on a shoestring, found investors, and it's London flagship has appeared as a location on First Dates. | @the_skinny_kitchen
Gym based casual dining brand
Launched the UK's first incentive driven plastic return scheme across a retail chain.
I am co-founder of an Ethical CBD Brand | Our Remedy. We've been featured in major media through effective PR, that led to wholesale distribution.
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