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Some of the biggest businesses with the biggest marketing budgets yield the worst results. It’s about picking the low hanging fruit and knowing where to find it. 

Experienced through doing

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Hi, my name is David and I’ve sat in your shoes. I know what it ‘s like to start a business from scratch. I know what it’s like to not have a win in a while and start to question whether you’re doing the right or the wrong thing. 

You only know what you know, and if you haven’t been taught, shown or failed at something, you may not always be able to ask the right questions.

I have a provable track record with the work I’ve done and regularly write about it over at the Deathground blog. I have made many of the mistakes, so you needn’t. 

But when it comes to winning and exceeding customer’s expectations I am obsessed. And from a retail standpoint that means success. 

I took an e-commerce site that did £48 in a month in June 2014, to £100,000 in the same month in 2020.
No paid ads, just SEO.
Useful Marketing

I believe passionately that central to every growth strategy, there needs to be value for the audience.

How often have you seen a company post pictures of their products on social media, and then more, and then more? Ad nauseum. What you will notice is the only engagement they get, is from automated bots. ‘100’ and nice content bro. They are not thinking about offering value to the viewer and it’s why that strategy doesn’t work.

How often have you seen a business open up near you, simply copying what someone else is doing with no point of difference? Then after a miserable existence they close. Why? Because the only person that needed that business was the people who started it. They were not thinking about offering value to the user. 

This is why I am obsessed with always considering ‘What’s in it for them?’ 

So how can I help you with this? I’m a fresh pair of eyes with extensive experience of having ‘skin in the game’. I’m not a consultant for hire, I’m an experienced business-owner who can act as a mentor in your inbox. I know what it takes to grow a company with a shoestring budget and I know the mistakes you are about to make before you do them. 

Save yourself the time and the missed opportunities by getting in contact with me today. If nothing more, you will get a few pointers for free. I write regularly on small business topics and I’m always ‘game-testing’ strategies in my own businesses. You can read about them below.

You don't need another SEO Audit...

No-one needs another SEO audit, only to be told that after paying for it, the agency don’t actually do the work to fix it. You want someone who can get the job done. Or at least train you into becoming self sufficient. I work for businesses in a number of ways. From simply doing their ‘low hanging fruit report’ to actively working to improve areas such as site page speed, keyword ranking, or content creation. 

And it’s not just SEO areas you can come to me on, let’s find out new ways we can make what you’re doing more profitable. I know how to market a business, I know how to develop a strategy that can work on a budget, but at heart I start businesses and make them generate revenue. This is what is central to your needs and why you’re on this page. 

You want more capital to invest or take out. Everything else is just a step along the way.

The problem with simply finding an ‘SEO person’, or a ‘social media manager’, is that rarely they have the generalist grasp of customer experience, cost to acquire a customer, consumer psychology, merchandising or business development strategy. That’s what I can bring to the table.

Joined up thinking.

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