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Aggressive Growth Marketing Agency

Aggressive growth marketing agency is at the heart of what Deathground is. We began this business having run our own businesses and through experience, learned how to turn around the tough times with content marketing growth and growth hacker marketing. Whether it’s SEO or strategic billboard locations around competitors, we found ways to win. That’s what Deathground is all about. When your back is up against the wall, finding the clarity of mind to come out on top.

To us at SEOFairy, being an aggressive growth marketing agency, is nothing to do with how we deal with people but everything to do with knowing we need to get results. Either for ourselves or our clients. 

That means seeing marketing as not just a luxury, or an exercise to say you’ve done. Instead it’s one that has a clear Return on Investment and focuses on being your lead driver of new business. This is marketing 2.0, which means growth hacking.

So, just as we said above. We like cake, we smile a lot, but hell yeah we are going to help you find new customers!

A central part of a lot of what we do, is growth hacking. It’s all about finding creative, low-cost ways to drive new traffic to your website, or visitors to your store.

We once branded our Vape company name on lighters, then dished them out around smoking areas of pubs on weekends. No lighter is ever lost, it just finds a new guardian. That means, for little money, we had given our potential future customers – value now, in a way that meant we would constantly have their attention. 

That approach is the epitome of growth hacking. It’s the kind of suggestion an aggressive growth marketing agency would pitch.

It’s a low-cost marketing solution that is memorable, effective and long lasting.

Rather than focusing on quick wins and short term campaigns, growth marketing is all about improving the results in every way possible.

Some people do robotic, box-ticking email campaigns. We wouldn’t dream of doing an email campaign without first running subject line tests on a small percentage of the database. Then ensuring that the page they land on is bespoke to the email. Then testing, how that page converts too. This is what we call A/B Testing, and is just one part of the aggressive growth marketing agency toolbox.

The difference two subject lines can have, that mean the same, but appeal to a different audience, can be poles apart. That’s what the underlined area shows in the image below. One email was opened 4.8% of the time, the other 150% more.

This was a small email shot, normally we would have 4 or 5 subject line tests.

aggressive growth marketing agency near me

Hopefully even just the small example above shows a little evidence of what we can add to your business.

Our marketing experience has come about from testing on businesses that we were part of. That means we have had ‘skin in the game’. We don’t just talk about ideas and expect you to be the guinea pigs. There aren’t many in the industry that position themselves as full-time business owners for hire; that’s what makes us stand out. 

It’s why we believe we offer you the best growth marketing agency for your SME.

From our in depth articles on the site, to our podcasts, we enjoy offering expert advice. Check out our growth hacking guide to getting backlinks here.

If you have typed into Google, “Growth Marketing Agency Near Me”, then while we are based in Essex and Kent, we can help any business in any town. The rules of commerce are pretty standard the world over, so if you like our approach and think we look a little different, you’re bang on the money, because there is nothing conventional about us.

We offer any company a free 20 point local SEO audit or a 20 things to do to improve your website for Google report. If we can’t find 20 things, we will tell you, you shouldn’t be looking for a ‘growth marketing agency near me’. 

A Growth Marketing Agency for Start-up to Scale-up

We don’t just focus on digital businesses, or even just start-ups. We help established companies scale-up too. But don’t be put off by the clever words, whether you’re starting a landscape gardening company, or launching a clothing brand, SEOFairy is run by people who know a lot more about the world of business than most, evidenced by a provable track record. When choosing SEO companies you want one that’s been in the trenches – and suffered the losses so you don’t have to. We think that makes us worth a call.

We are modest too.

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