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how to get backlinks easy

How to get backlinks easy must put you in the same search mindset as me only this last week gone. You have a business and need to get traffic to your website right?

This Guide will teach you a trick that anyone can do.

How to get Backlinks Simply

It’s not as easy as you first thought. and if you are in an industry that has seen rapid growth, it gets harder and harder…. AND HARDER.

It’s torture watching your web traffic drop, while the work you put in goes up. You hit the green yoast icon, you cross link, you add alt tags, hell you’re even doing keyword research. Still, nothing changes. I have an app that I downloaded a while back on my mobile; it’s called Serp Mojo that monitors your ranking on selected keywords. Lately it’s essentially been a tool that tells me how bad I am doing. I jump on it daily and just see red arrows. Red arrows are bad fyi.

If you want to find out about Serp Mojo click the link here to their site. It’s free and it’s easy to use – but for me right now, it’s hugely dispiriting. After banging my head against a brick wall, I came across a great blog from Ahrefs that spoke about ‘Backlinks’.

Just as we get onto the topic of checking backlinks, SEMrush a major name in the industry have a host of great tools here:

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link to your site from someone else’s. It’s really that simple. It tells Google that your site is getting a vote of confidence from another, which is super important when you are competing for internet rankings. So here’s an example: I have a friend who runs, what I think is the best Bottomless Brunch in London. Check it out by clicking the boozy brunch hyperlink above. That’s a backlink and reinforces a key phrase they would like to be found for.

Why are backlinks important?

Why? Well first off, imagine all things being equal, you and one other site are writing about the same topic. Who will rank higher? It will be the site that has the most other sites, referencing your post link. By having other websites pointing to your site or a particular page, it tells google et al “These people are good”.

The more you have, the better you look –  and the more relevant your page will appear to be. Which is fundamental when a search engine is finding results for a topic you are talking about. There’s an improved chance you will rank.

How many back-links will I need to rank higher?

How many back-links you need will depend hugely on how competitive a particular keyword is. This comes down to the term ‘Keyword Difficulty’. It is a score from 0 to 100 that indicates how hard it will be to get in the top 10 on Google. Scores above 20 are harder to land, and clever keyword research will help you find SEO ideas that are less congested. So here’s this explained in a visual format.

how to do keyword reseach

High and Super hard, this is for the keyword “Backlinks”. You’re literally going to be pissing in the wind with this keyphrase and it’s why the cost for clicks $4 is so high too. You are competing against major corporations who offer SEO apps as their core business. So you haven’t got a hope in hell. You won’t just need the recommended 374 backlinks to rank for this term, you will need solid domain authority too.

Domain Authority is another measure that indicates the quality of your site. In truth, if you got that many backlinks, your Authority would go up hugely. Now, some companies offer services that offer you backlinks, but crap backlinks from poor quality sites, won’t cut the mustard. So what can you do if you want to write about? You think of other terms that may reach a similar audience. Here we have gone with “how to get backlinks easy” – but below I’ve got a KD result for Startup Podcast.

is keyword research worth doing
The leading search intent tool online | Ahrefs

Why Startup podcast?

Well, I’m going for the fact that those who would want to know about how to get backlinks easily, may also be the type to actively learn via listening to small business podcasts too. Hence why I went with the search term podcasts for startups.

You can see this second image shows a much lower KD score and only requires 13 back-links to rank for it. Now, that’s still no easy feat off the bat but it’s a crack in the fence. If you can nail the top 10 of this phrase, you open yourself up to a global search reach of 5000 hits per month. For 3% of the number of backlinks required you can access 12.5% of the search volume of the first topic. That is a clear efficiency, right?

But won’t the users just click off?

Well, no, not if you loop in their search intent with what your latest episode is about for example, or your latest post. Maybe you could talk about 5 best business podcasts and 1 mega simple business hack. See where I am going with this?

So how do we get these back-links easily?

Ah yes, the reason why you came here – thanks for being patient. Every day and for the last 6 years of my Vape shop business I have been inundated with emails offering me from guest posts on my site. People offering me random blogs to add to my site. I’ve found them propping up the spam box and thought to myself, why the hell would I want them to write on my blog.

  1. I’ve got it covered
  2. I don’t trust you

Then while following this simple how to build backlink video from Ahrefs I realised what they were doing.

What’s the video about?

This video talks about how to scrape the web for blogs and articles relating to your industry. This lets you export into a CSV and provides you with sufficient information to look for author names. Once you have author names and url apps like help find the poster’s email address.

With the author’s name, their recent blog post and their email you can import into an email sender. Sending an email that says:


I recently saw your blog post “TITLE” which is right up our street for our own site “YOURSITE” and wondered how we could talk to you with regard to a press release we are working on.

Blah blah blah

You seen an email like this before? Well you will have SEO agencies who are working for competitors trying to develop backlinks doing the same to your own work. They are currently being ignored by armies of inboxes and desperately trying to get a page backlink for someone.

So what can you do? Reply to them, they have done half the work already. In fact they have done pretty much all the work. They have a willing site who is open to backlink exchanging and if you cut to the chase can get their client to swap links.

Why would I link a competitor on my site?

Thought you would ask this. Have you ever looked at your site traffic via a heatmap tool? This shows you where on your page visitors move to. Needless to say, they often don’t reach the bottom and even less likely are going to click on one random little hyperlink nested within some innocuous text.

Your competitor isn’t after a backlink to win traffic from your site, they want the link for authority. This means, they want Google to know they have other sites linking in. In short, there is very little traffic loss danger, and the gain they seek is for SEO value instead. This is why it’s proven very easy for us lately to win backlinks from our competitors when they have an agency spam us.

Remember that picture above? 13 backlinks to rank in the top 10 – well how many spam emails have you thrown away like that in the last year? With this method, we are now securing one link a week minimum for each of our sites and without having to pay for any backlink outreach ourselves.

Hack done! Don’t forget to share this post on how to win backlinks easy.

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