SEO Keyword Research Services

Our SEO keyword research services involve looking at keywords and topics as more than just words to stuff on your page, but spotting opportunities to target products and services you may have missed that your competitor’s haven’t. 

This means we use competitive analysis and a dose of realism to find that low hanging fruit for you, as well as using professional keyword research to better plan your site.

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Niche SEO Keyword Research Service

Do You Want Traffic That Converts?

Simply getting web traffic doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t lead to sales or enquiries. With a background in online sales I know how frustrating it can be to invest time in growing traffic but still not getting sales. Sometimes this is down to a bad user experience, but often it’s down to a keyword research service done wrong. 

So how is our keyword research service different? We focus on relevant traffic and looking for low hanging fruit others miss as they haven’t taken the time to see what you might already be close to ranking well for. If you offer a local service, there is little point investing lots of time in creating lots of blogs which bring you non-buying visitors from the other side of the world. 

Surely everyone does keyword research that way?

When the keyword research you’re doing is managed by someone who hasn’t done it for their own business, or lacks native language experience, there is a lot that gets missed. 

We don’t just want to deliver an seo keyword research report, we want to deliver you something that works. Whether it’s for an accounting company, advertising agency, a camping store and a whole lot more.

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How Our Keyword Research Service Works

Whatever size package you order with us, this is what you can expect when you book a professional keyword research service with us

Initial Chat

Whether it's Zoom or email, we establish what you want to achieve and what you do, as well as what's been done so far. We keep this brief for you to focus on your business.

Market Research

With your initial notes, we research current competitors and examples of industry best practise, plus see if you have any 'nearly rankings' currently. AKA low hanging fruit wins.

Keyword Dive

We then build a list of keywords your customers use, as well as establish how many unique pages that could mean. This can mean multiple topics to attack winning traffic.

Reporting & Plan

We organise the raw keyword data into suggested page ideas, with keywords listed for each url. We report back with a video to explain the next steps - so you know what to do next.

niche seo keyword research services

Meet The SEO Fairy

Why Our Keyword Research Service

I’m David, the founder of SEO Fairy and apart from building a number of offline and online retail businesses that have seen multi-million turnover, I am a manually selected ‘Top Rated Seller’ on Fiverr for E-Commerce SEO. This means I have been picked by their team for consistent returning customers and 5 Star Ratings.

Check out our Fiverr profile for proof

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What our keyword research covers

Types of Keyword Reseach

We can research a range of SEO topics for a host of marketplaces


Whether you sell via Shopify, WordPress, Bigcommerce or Magento, our niche seo keyword research can identify the right topics and maybe even suggest new products to sell.

Local Business

Run a local business and looking to see what pages to add to your site to improve your chances of winning customers? We can help.


Our Etsy keyword research helps you identify how to make a new listing outperform through picking the right terms to optimise with.


Youtube is a search engine too and with that, it means getting video views means researching Youtube keywords first. If that's your need, then get in touch.

SEO Keyword Research Service Packages

We offer 3 standard SEO keyword research service packages to help you get started as well as more bespoke offerings to include article/page content planning and even copywriting too. 

Beginner Sites

5 x Keyword Winnable Report
£ 149
One Time Fee
  • Competitors Researched
  • 5 Unique Topic Ideas
  • URL Structure Advice
  • Explainer Video


10 x SEO Keyword Winnable List
£ 199
One TIme Fee
  • Competitors Researched
  • 10 Unique Topic Ideas
  • URL Structure Advice
  • Explanation Video

Premium Plan

10+ SEO Keyword Action Package
£ 289
One Time Fee
  • 10-20 Unique Topics/Page Ideas
  • Inc Research & URL Advice
  • Express 10 point SEO Audit
  • 1 x Blog Content Planned
  • Video Explainer Guides

Keyword Research Service Glossary

We use words in our package you may not be sure of. Here's what the key things mean.

What Is A Topic

Unlike a keyword, a topic is a related group of keywords. These are what we make pages focused on. A topic may have dozens of keywords.

Blog Content Plan

So you have the keyword research - now what? The next stage is to research top articles on each topic and see what the sub-headings should be. We do one for you in the Premium plan.

URL Structure

Writing content is one thing, but where do you place that in your site, and how do you do it in a future proofed way. This is the basis of our URL advice

Video Explainers

Data without meaning isn't helpful. And a keyword list on it's own would be just that. We want you to know what to do next and what it all means. We help you with explainer videos.

Keyword Research Common Q&As

Common questions we get asked on keyword research that you may wonder too...

Keyword research is about identifying the words and topics your ideal customer is looking for. Think of it less about what google wants, and more about the language your ideal viewer talks in. If you don’t use the right language, then your message is harder to get across, which leads to poor engagement and conversions.

We give meaning and action plans to data. This is something that only a human can do. But more than that, we understand the importance of ‘INTENT’. There’s no point trying to rank for ‘Best Hairdresser’ if it’s just you saying so. That term would be won by an aggregator site. 

Similarly we understand the difference between junior keywords and unique topics. Topics are what we write pages on, whereas keywords relate to topics. This means people often create too many pages  that could all be condensed into one, leading to cannibalisation and impaired ability to rank.

The free tools such as Ubersuggest and Ad Planner, do not organise keywords into topic groups, leading to poor execution. Which is why professionals spend money on premium software.

Undoubtedly everyone can benefit from professional keyword research services in some way. Here’s how…

  1. Ensure you are on the right tracks. There is no point expending time and energy without knowing for sure if it’s being done correctly. Keyword research ultimately is a low cost ‘double check’.
  2. We often don’t use the same words our customers do. We talk in industry lingo, customers often don’t. This means having the wrong ‘copy’ on your site can confuse and lead to bounces and abandoned pages. Improving the language to the words they are familiar with can increase conversions.
  3. If you think of keyword research as market research, you begin to identify product and service trends, that you could and should focus on. This can lead to significant increases in customer footfall online and offline.
  4.  You may have great looking pages, but if you have missed out using any of the high volume ‘Parent Keywords’ then it’s not surprising Google won’t rank you. It may not know what search query you are trying to answer. Our keyword research service double checks your important pages for this for you.
  5. Keyword research can help you identify content that improves low cost traffic which are visitors to your site without paid ads. It also means the creation of content that can shape a unique social media and video strategy also. If someone is searching for a blog answer, there is likely to be someone wanting a video or a podcast too. 

As part of the service we do look at long tail keywords but what does that mean. Essentially it is a focus on the more specific search queries people type. Often used for blogging, long tail queries are the Red Air Max 95 Size 8, whereas Air Max 95 trainers are short tail. 

Most search queries are getting longer, demonstrating people are getting more confident that Google can find specific searches. This means targeting short keywords or Seed keywords, is missing huge amounts of search volume. In the hunt for the high demand higher difficulty topics, many miss the diamonds in the rough. this is what long tail keyword research really focuses on.

“I want low difficulty keywords.”  Sound like something you have asked for before? Let me tell you why you need to stop worrying about that always. Keyword difficulty is a non google metric that simply looks at how many backlinks the top ranking pages have. It makes no account for the quality, integrity or relevance of those links or if they are do follow or no follow links. This leads to people not writing about content they should/could rank for, and focusing on content that simply has a low difficulty even if it’s actually far harder to rank for as it’s been won by big brands with strong internal links.

Check out my short podcast below explaining this:


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