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Deathground is the antidote to defeat. When the only option is success, you can trust putting your business here with us. Having built a chain of retail stores, local SEO Services is our strong point. 

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Local SEO Services that work for all businesses

Local SEO services – we’ve tried tons. Why would a marketing agency need to try a local seo agency? Well, we were business owners before we were marketers. Having started a number of businesses and scaled up several to multi-million revenues, we learned that we could do a valuable job for many in the same boat.

All of us have a marketing or creative background, so it was the obvious next step. We aren’t just a local SEO services company, but business-owners for hire. 

Local SEO Services

Local SEO services start with understanding what you want, what you're doing now and what isn't working.

Page Speed Boosting

Google loves speed, so we start by making the technical part of your site run smoothly.

Better Branding

If your idea or visuals don't stand out, or appeal to your target customer, then that needs fixing. We can help.

Get Engagement

We don't like content that just promotes and nor does your ideal customer. Engagement = brand fans.

Want help climbing up the rankings?

Meet Our Local SEO Services Team

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Becky Spencer-Davies

Content Writing

Marketing Lead

Rachel Mason

Visual Marketing

Starter SEO Pricing

Our Starter SEO plans are the first step in our services. They offer a bespoke, solid, well thought out action plan that you can implement yourself and save money, or ask us to do it for you. This work will give guidance on UX and Technical SEO also for you to decide if you wish to implement them. Our managed service will provide all on-page SEO amendments and social directory listing input, ideal if you are looking for affordable Ibiza SEO and don’t want to get your hands dirty. FAQs below.

Action Plan
Want a DIY Action Plan
£ 299 Monthly
  • UX Advice
  • Page Speed Tips
  • Keyword Research 5+
  • Backlink Opportunities
  • Low Hanging Fruit Targeting
Action Plan +
Includes A Pillar Content Post
£ 399 Monthly
  • As Action Plan
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Strategy Help
  • Research Pillar Content
  • Write and Publish 1000+ Word
Managed Action +
We implement Action Plan +
£ 699 Monthly
  • As Action Plan +
  • We implement the plan
  • Internal Link SEO
  • 3 Pages Optimised
  • Technical SEO Guidance

No. No honest SEO Agency would suggest otherwise. What we can guarantee, is that after implementing any adjustments, you will be more likely to rank in the search war.

Very often, the search terms you think you want to rank for, are not always the terms your audience is typing. So part of our work is to identify those for you.

We advise all clients to verify with Google Search Console, while we will also send you a monthly report; Google shows you some data other apps don’t offer.

Within this Google tool, you will likely see the number of daily impressions rise first. Impressions don’t mean clicks, but they mean you are beginning to move into the index for more terms than you once were.

We then look at which terms you are moving quicker and easier for, and hone in on those.


When we used to be clients of local SEO companies in the early days, we worried about these things too. We worried we were trapped. 

You aren’t. The changes we implement with you or that you do, are yours always.

Web development can often take a little longer to do. So that is something we will advise on what to do. You are free to source someone to do it with that guidance or utilise our Technical SEO specialist.

Anyone on one of our action plans, can access this service at a preferable rate.

Our rates for technical code work outside of the plans is £75 per hour.

Within the plans it is £49 per hour. Work is pre-priced quoted for free, then you can decide beforehand if you wish to proceed on that work.

We include 2 hours of code work as part of the managed plan.

If you sell a product or service, we can help. We may be based in Southend, Essex, but it doesn’t mean we can’t help you regardless of your location 

Ultimately as a business owner, you couldn’t care less about SEO Content Silos, PPC or Social signals. What you care about is, more leads, more appointments and more sales. And it to show a return on the investment.

We know as we have been there ourselves.

We offer more bespoke packages and more time commitment if you want something a little more specialised. Simply book in a call with us today. Click any of the on-page buttons to talk.

Need Something Bespoke?

As you grow so does the importance of making digital work for you. If you need something a little more specialised, book a call today

SEO Services that suit your budget

There’s more to SEO than just writing a blog. From page speed, to ease of Google crawling the site. We can show you what worked for us, then help your brand scale.

No one has time for a tied in, long term contract for local SEO services. If the team you work with isn’t showing you merit, you are going to want to leave. Keep us on our toes, this is Deathground after all.

Having been in your shoes, I know the frustration of paying for something and not knowing if it’s being done.

Worse still, you worry about leaving in case it undoes the work. Well SEO doesn’t work that way, but I’d rather strengthen your knowledge as we go along. Is that crazy? No, the more you value our local SEO services, the more we benefit too.

Weekend Warriors

You can reach us 7 days a week. We don't stop because entrepreneurs don't either.

Learn How

Our local seo advice includes advice for you to take control ongoing.


We know cash is transient. If you want us 3 days a month then 1, that's cool.

Pay As You Go

We can offer hourly services to support you as much or as little as you need.

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