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SEO Southend

SEO Southend needn’t be a hard hunt for your business. If you’re based in South Essex, then you are in luck as we are genuinely local to you. Yes, that’s right, we were born in Rochford Hospital when it was the place to be born and we would meet our friends outside WH Smiths. I know a lot of websites try to cover all towns with their SEO, but this team is based by Chalkwell Park. Home of the fair ;)

While good Search Engine Optimisation can be done from any part of the world, we know if you are googling ‘SEO Southend’, it’s probably because you want to find someone local. If you want to get an idea on basic pricing, here’s some information below, or hit the chat button and speak to a human directly. 

Action Plan
Want a DIY Action Plan
£ 299 Monthly
  • UX Advice
  • Page Speed Tips
  • Keyword Research 5+
  • Backlink Opportunities
  • Low Hanging Fruit Target
Action Plan +
Includes A Pillar Content Post
£ 489 Monthly
  • As Action Plan
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Strategy Help
  • Research Pillar Content
  • Write/Publish 1K+ Word
Managed Action +
We implement Action Plan +
£ 649 Monthly
  • As Action Plan +
  • We implement the plan
  • Internal Link SEO
  • 3 Pages Optimised
  • Technical SEO Guidance

Southend SEO Reviews

Kyle Ackerman
I reached out to David on Fiverr for some SEO help. I'm a complete noob and I included a screenshot of the first message I sent him. He spent a good bit of time thoughtfully responding even though I hadn't even purchased a gig yet. Always refreshing coming across folks like this on the Internet. Thanks a lot, man. I'm sure I'll be seeing more of ya!
B2 Brands
David is perfect! He helped me with my problem and my shopify store is faster now. Thank you David.
Jamie Buttigieg
Killer advice to level up our SEO strategy! Fast response. Finally someone that knows what they are talking about without all the smoke and mirrors.
My Toy Wagon
David is truly the Seo fairy. I am a novice when it comes to shopify but have a phd and am an educator. I am floored by David's systematic critique of our website and concrete suggestions. In a fairly substantial video, which David shared with us, he walked us through our shopify site, pointing along the way clear and specific ways we could improve it. He also shared many of the lessons that he learned through a decade of being an online retailer. We are just starting out and feel fortunate to have found him on fiverr. We hope to work with him at the next phase of our store's development. Don't hesitate; reach out to him. Irfana
Anna Frumkin
WOW! I inquired about his SEO services on and he literally blew me away! He not only answered my questions, but as other reviewers have mentioned, he went above and beyond! He sent me information that most people on that platform would demand payment for, regarding knowledge that was completely customized for my business/website, for free! Incredible! He supported my entrepreneurial growth by sending me links to help me understand SEO properly. My response after he sent me a detailed video/audio and other amazing tips were " TAKE MY MONEY, YOU ARE AMAZING!". I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an experienced, honest, intellectual, transparent, at moments comedic marketing consultant. Thank you! :)
Just asked him for some questions on what he went over and above to help me with some SEO issues I was having. Did not charge me anything for his time and was very helpful. Would Highly recommend . Thanks
Cameron Knutson
Great quality. Affordable. knows what he's doing.
Yinka Macaulay
Fantastic advice from Rachel. Glad i found the website
Georgina Rothman
As a small business who knows nothing about digital marketing I didn’t have the money to sign a long term contract with a big company but I really needed help and the quickest solution. Rachel and her team were responsive and most importantly effective!!! Would recommend!!
Lee David
Fantastic service and results. The team at SEO Fairy were able help in every aspect of improving and ranking our website, which has lead to a huge increase in online sales. Would highly recommend :)

Speak to an SEO Specialist in Southend

We’re local to you and we are the faces behind a number of local businesses in the town. You’ll probably have heard of one of them. Let us get behind your business. Local, national, offline or online.

SEO Southend needn’t be a hard hunt for your business. If you’re based in South Essex, then you are in luck as we are genuinely local to you.

While good Search Engine Optimisation can be done from any part of the world, we know if you are googling ‘SEO Southend’, it’s probably because you want to find someone local.

Can SEO help your business in Southend?

At Deathground we will tell you this now; every company is different.

While some businesses will hunt out a Gold, Silver, Bronze package offer, we don’t offer those, as they just don’t work.

These types of SEO packages are called cookie cutters. They offer the same approach for every company. It just isn’t that simple.

We wish easy SEO was.

Some companies need a complete restructuring of their site’s text, others the URL structure, some just need some backlinks while other’s may need only to change a few title words.

But the best thing about this is sometimes you may only need to improve one small part of your site, to see radically different results from those keywords.

Growing brands don’t use the cookie cutter

ASOS used to be a penny share, in my old life I helped raise money for them when they were a start-up. But they didn’t grow to a billion-pound company with a Gold monthly SEO package. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we are about to quote the earth or some opaque numbers. We simply breakdown all of our services to you and you can cherry-pick.

We will give you advice on some best routes forward, but we believe if you can see even a small benefit from our cheapest SEO services then you will want to stick around.

Our SEO Southend Team did this for a wholesaler in 2 weeks

Sometimes, just a few days of work, a little keyword research and some url reorganising can lead to significant changes in a week or two. We are working on a wholesale website right now and have barely started.

But with a stronger focus of what words we target on the home page as well as removing some cannabilising pages, the report speaks for itself.

Not exactly position 1 – but if this is what can happen after 2 weeks, the search positions are clearly up for grabs.

Investing in SEO, will lead to an increase in leads for them and more sales.

Best of all, search engine optimisation for your Southend business will bring you customers in while you sleep.


Feel free to ask for the full report to see the results after two weeks. 

In fact, it was actually less time than that, but while you hunt around for PPC agencies or similar, sometimes, just work with what you have and Google or Bing will reward you with a big enough change that the work pays for itself.

Bing, What?

Okay so most of us use Google as our search engine of choice, but Bing is the pre-installed browser of choice for Microsoft software. It’s used by 25% of the UK market. Which is a huge percentage, given so few companies take the time to optimise for it.

We are marketers first before we are SEO technicians. So while you have googled SEO Southend, we offer business initiative too. In short, we know you want bang for buck and results on a shoestring.

In the race for Google rankings, most forget about poor old Bing. For some of our clients, where they rank in the 20-30s for some terms on Google, they top the charts on Bing. That means traffic from an audience who are generally a little older, have a higher budget and are driven more by quality than by price. This opens up a lot of opportunity.

What is your SEO pricing?

As mentioned, we offer a really flexible approach. We offer a free summary audit first on actionable areas and steps you can take to improve your site. You could take this and never speak to us again, although we hope you don’t.

For ongoing consultancy by the hour we charge £50 per hour. This gives you access to an SEO specialist and marketing/business generalist with a background in growing his own online and offline retail businesses. This means you get more than an SEO outlook, but one that understands user experience, broader marketing, brand voice and merchandising.

After-all, there’s no point in having traffic if when they land on your site there is nothing worth buying. We focus on the wider picture.

Best of all – we are not just the consultants of SEO Southend based, we are implementation led too. We can do the work.

Having been in your shoes many years ago, I would get these lovely, expensive audits and still not have the changes done as part of it. That’s not our style in the SEOFairy SEO Southend Office.

ServiceWhat’s the Benefit?Price
Single Page Audit |
On-Page Optimisation
Here we find the correct keywords for a Top Category page to ensure it has the best chance of ranking. We make sure it contains the right information and is optimised for speed and ranking.£150
Off-Page OptimisationThis is all about finding quality and relevant links from other sites to your own. We can manage this process completely.From £129 per link including off-page content writing. (Link cost is based on authority of backlink.)
Speed OptimisationGoogle believes fast is better than slow. This means slow sites rank badly. We know how to fix this.From £299
Email AutomationWe look at where you are losing data collection opportunities, help add them to site, show you how to best use these tools and put in place an automation system to collect leads and re-market to them£250 per capture
*Includes Email List Integration
*Includes A/B Testing time
Local SEO Set-upOne of the best ways for a local services business or shop to get rankings is through appearing on Google Maps. But to rank high on it, requires a little more than just verifying the listing. We set up the full supporting site directories for you, in a way that best promotes your ability to rank.£175
Technical AuditA site’s ability to rank is more than just words on a page, it’s lines of code behind them too. Our Technical SEO Audit will highlight areas we need to work on. Pair it with our Technical Optimisation for a full solution£299
Technical SEO OptimisationAs every site is different, our Technical SEO audit will highlight the time taken to complete each task and you can do as little or as much as you like.£50 per hour
UX AuditWant to know if your site works well for visitors? Sometimes increased sales can be a matter of working with a better font or coloured button. Other times, it’s elements that happen off the page.UX Site Audit £299
This is just a fraction of the work we can offer if you have searched SEO Southend. 

Does SEO all seem too complex?

We don’t want to bog you down with a load of options. You only know what you know. And if you don’t know what these terms mean, then let’s do you a free initial audit. Talk about what those things mean and we can work with you on a range of options that suit your budget.

I’m not sure how much I need to spend on SEO each month

Only want to invest £500 a month? No problem.

Want to get the end result sooner? We can work with that too.

If you want to find out more how we can help, click the box below

Speak to an SEO Specialist in Southend

Drop us a message to see if we could be a good fit. Have a question you want to ask about SEO? Whether it’s from how to use AI, ranking with Chat GPT, or working out what your competition does well – we are here for you. 

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