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Retail Consultancy work is one of the things that makes us at Deathground stand out. We started in the world of commerce with so little experience, that if you have worked over a Christmas at Argos, you had done more than us.

True Story.

That said, we have come a long way and are avowed practitioners of empathetic commerce. That is really our own thing, it means this:

We are consumers too, we know what the customer is probably thinking as we aren’t much different ourselves. With that knowledge, you need to ask yourself at all times, would I be happy with this?

That’s it in a nutshell. Retail consultancy doesn’t need to start with much more than that.

A Retail Consultancy that’s backed with a track record

We still operate our own bricks and mortar retail businesses, this means we know what it feels like. Wondering why one day differs so wildly to the next, why recruiting is so hard and how to make sure standards don’t go when you do.

retail consultancy stories

But we found ways to give our businesses the winning edge and this is what Deathground’s retail consultancy audit will arm you with.

As part of that process we get you to stand the side of the counter the customer is on and challenge yourself.

Ask yourselves whether you would be happy with the levels of these things in your store and you know where to begin to improve:

  • In-store knowledge
  • Above and beyonds
  • Stock range
  • Experience
  • Accessability
  • Merchandising
  • Illumination
  • Shop appearance
  • Branding
  • Charisma

All of these things matter to a shopper and if you neglect them, then they can undermine any effective marketing efforts you have put in. Our work at Deathground and in our own businesses is to constantly strive to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes.

Our retail consultancy services

As part of our retail consultancy role for small businesses, we go through a five-step process. This starts with a business review and includes a full CX audit. CX stands for customer experience and allows us to see for ourselves what your target customer experiences when they step foot in your store.

You may not need all of these retail advice services and you can tailor our work to suit your needs. But we will give you an initial scoping report from which you can decide how to go forward. We provide you a road map but can work in a retained capacity too, to help manage the implementation of these steps.

Don’t panic – this already sounds like it’s beyond the reach of a small business. It’s not. We offer consultancy work from as little as £299 and can break up the work in smaller chunks like this to help a small business work at a more manageable pace.

One of the things that bothered me as a small business owner was the barrier to get this type of experience and expertise to grow. I wanted to offer something for the family run business too

David | Deathground

So what does a retail consultant do?

The job of a retail consultant, is to look under the bonnet of your business, as well as staring at it from the outside too. It’s our job to see what’s working and what isn’t.

We tend to focus on these core areas:

  • Is your retail business meeting a need?
  • Does your retail business have sound financials or record keeping?
  • Are you staying on top of the latest opportunities within your sector and how are you doing it?
  • How do you do your marketing – what’s the cost of new customer acquisition.
  • When did you last fit your shop out and what was the idea behind it.
  • What resources do you commit to marketing, or merchandising?
  • How much time or complexity is involved in the operations and stock side.
  • Organisational training investment is done and company values.
  • Staffing and their buy-in.

There are a host of areas that a retail consultant will look at while working on a project for a small or large retailer. These are just some of the things.

From our perspective we conduct a 5 point retail consultant audit that rests around these areas:

  1. Business Core Mission – Are you offering something different, do you have brand fans or non-committed customers.
  2. What is the CX for visitors. How are they treated, what is the buying experience, what is the atmosphere like.
  3. Marketing Appraisal – What has been done, what is being done and what could be done.
  4. Operations – From stock-keeping, training, leadership development, time spent inefficiently and areas of cash drain.
  5. New Opportunities – Here we look to the future, how you can adapt, what you can do to make more of what you have.

These are very light overviews of what our approach is about.

But let me give you one free tip we used in our stores to improve the staff to customer interaction. Read about it here:

How do I find out more?

If you want a no-obligation chat on how we may be able to help you and some insight into what we have done before, fill the form in below.

Our rates are adaptable depending on time required but as a benchmark:

ServiceTime to completionPrice
Customer Experience Audit2 Week£499
Offline Marketing Audit and Future Strategy Roadmap2 Weeks£399
Operational Audit and Improvement Report14-21 Days£599
Competitor Analysis and Opportunity Gap4 Weeks£899
Complete Retail Consultancy Audit12 weeks 3 – Monthly Payments @ £700£2100

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