best books on retail

Best Books on Retail

Best Books on retail is our top guide of the most useful, engaging or innovative reads to help you in your retail business.

As a business owner who also likes to walk a lot, I get a huge amount of time for podcasts and audiobooks. That means I get to exercise and sharpen my entrepreneurial axe at th same time.

Now that’s multi-tasking!

But one of the things, that seems sadly lacking is quality reads for retailers. So here is our round up of the best books on retail that can help your business.

Best Books on Retail Sales

There do seem to be more books on retail sales, than perhaps other aspects of general retail consultancy, but our 2 top picks in no specific order go to these folks.

1. Why we buy | Paco Underhill | Ebook – Audiobook – Paperback

best books on retail sales

Why We Buy is amongst the best books on retail sales. It talks a lot more about the psychology of why we as consumers buy, when we spend and what big retailers do to influence that.

What we like about Why We Buy

The Science of Shopping as it’s also known is easy to read and doesn’t cost the earth as some business guides do. I bought it as a paperback and it comes with me in my suitcase whenever I travel. I use it as a reference tool, that I can pick up and flick to a section.

Easily broken down, it’s not overwhelming and if you want to get a winning edge over your competitors, this is the kind of reading you need to make time for.

If you want to pick up a copy, here’s an easy link for you here: Amazon Listing for Science of Shopping.

2. The Retail Sales Bible | The Great Book of G.R.E.A.T Selling | Hudson and Segal

The retail sales bible

The Retail Sales Bible is a training model in a book. With simple to understand pnemonics, it’s incredibly useful for a first time retail manager or store owner.

The principle of G.R.E.A.T is a short form, for the 5 stages of selling, but for us what we love most about this, and why it’s in our best books on retail sales list, is the handy tips included.

“Is there anything else?”

4 simple words – but when used at the till every single time, has been shown to increase overall revenue by 4-7%.

It’s this kind of useful tip that makes a book like this, a great aide and if that was all you took from it, then it would have paid for itself many times over.

If you fancy giving this retail sales bible a read – here’s the link to the online book listing: The G.R.E.A.T Guide

Best Books on Retail Merchandising

When it comes to this category, we struggled for a long time, which means our best books on retail merchandising, is really just ‘Best Book’.

That may not hold true for everyone, but we like books that are easy to read, the concepts are simple to grasp and the logic is flawless. When you talk merchandising, sadly a lot of them are just showpieces for nice window display art in the form of a coffee table book.

This one here is different.

Visual Merchandising 3rd Edition | Tony Morgan

best books on retail merchandising

Okay, so it’s still a coffee table companion, but it’s super easy to read and explains some of the more psychology led merchandising concepts in a way that any one with a business head can get. For many of us, when we start our first store, little thought goes into what needs to go where.

Visual Merchandising by Tony Morgan tackles that.

As you can see here, the book is clearly laid out and makes important topics easy to digest. Whatever type of store you run this kind of knowledge will set you apart and is why we think it’s got to be up there as the best books on retail merchandising.

retail and visual merchandising book review

From how to display products (or not) in your window, to what should sit on your store counter. Even, where that counter should be. If you want to take charge of improving your retail experience or consult for others, this is the ulitmate guide.

Want to grab it for yourself? Here’s a link direct: Tony Morgan’s Visual Merchandiser Guide.

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