Website SEO Audit Service

Our website SEO audit service goes far beyond the template reports many online SEO tools offer. Our site quality reviews remain up to date with Google’s algorithm changes and cover everything from UX, competitor analysis and keyword research. Our goal is to provide you with a personalised report that you can implement easily, the day you get it.

Are SEO Audits Worth It?

Why Do I Need A Website SEO Audit?

We call our SEO audits site quality reviews, because we leave no stone unturned in our hunt to find issues that hurt your SEO ranking and strategise ways to fix them. From immediate wins to long term goals, we work with you to build your bespoke action plan.

Having a professional website auditor drill down into your site will ensure things you didn’t know to look for are checked. From SEO friendly font sizes, to keyword cannibalisation, right through to usability checks to improve conversion rates or enquiries, we dive deep and we know what to look for. We then take that information and present it to you in video and report form so you know what we have covered, why and what to do about it.

Find Traffic

Part of our SEO audit is to look for low hanging fruit. Eg: Are there any terms you don't know you are close to ranking for that we can win in the near term?

Plan Marketing

Researching SEO topics to write about, gives us inspiration to know what content our audience enjoys. A blog can, a tweet, a video, a podcast, reel even a Tiktok.

Convert More

In our SEO audits we follow the customer/visitor journey on your site to spot ways you can keep traffic engaged and get them to checkout more often.

Missed Opportunities

SEO data is a chance to see if there are products you should consider stocking. Maybe it's easy to rank for, you can get it, the margin is good and you hadn't thought about it

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Process Of A Site Quality Review

What Happens During A Website SEO Audit?

Where Google constantly works to improve how their search engine finds content; those online tools that offer ‘SEO Audits‘ just aren’t up to the job and possibly haven’t been for a decade. Automated tools can’t identify good content the way a human mind can. They can’t rework their code twice a year to match undisclosed Google algorithm updates, they simply offer some useful time saving tools and not much else in the world of website audits.

What you don’t know can hurt you…

If you don’t know what problems to look for, it’s understandable you might miss things that can hurt your site. How search engines rank sites changes regularly but follows a pattern of heading toward being able to more easily identify high quality content that search visitors love.

We have a host of ways we look at a site, this includes identifying user experience issues, page speed trouble-makers, technical, on-page and off-page SEO best practice or missed opportunities. No two sites are the same, although many make similar mistakes. We dive deep into your site and present you with a thorough report that doesn't just point to issues, it discusses why, how and where to fix them.

During the website audit we may on your request, place a temporary tracking code on the site which allows us to monitor user behaviour via heatmaps. This is only if you want this information and with your say so. We look over your Google analytics, Search Console and crawl data to come back to you with a clear understanding of what to do next.

A site quality review, is just that, it is not the actual implementation. Often the work needed doing is fairly simple once explained what it is and how to do it, so an SEO audit can form the blueprint of a cost effective way to handle this work in house.

Our SEO Website Audits Work For...

We offer SEO Audits on a host of platforms and website softwares. From Wix, to WordPress, Shopify to Woocommerce. Unsure what you use? Drop us a message and we can find out for you.

How Much Do SEO Audits Cost?

Depending on the type of SEO audits you pick from, depends on the depth we go into and what we deliver. Needless to say, all of our gigs include some focus on immediate deliverables – AKA low hanging fruit. We want you to know that while we audit with a long term sustainable approach in mind, we also want to find you some quick wins too. Why? Because who doesn’t love a short term result!

Advanced SEO +

Enterprise Level Deep Dive
£ 549
"The Works"
  • UX High Priority Report
  • Technical SEO Focus
  • Off-Page SEO Advice
  • On-Page SEO Inspection
  • Bespoke Conversion Rate Advice
  • Keyword Accuracy Check & Research

Standard Audit

On-Page SEO Audit & Action Plan
£ 369
"Do 1 Page Well"
  • On-Page SEO Inspection
  • Focused On Your Chosen Key Page
  • 10 Topic Area Keyword Research
  • Video Explainer For Keyword Research


SImple Video Audit
£ 89
  • Homepage Video Audit
  • 1 Hour Of 'Speed' Auditing
  • Screenshare Of Actionables
  • Great For Smaller/Local Business

Will An SEO Audit Fix My Site Rankings?

A site quality review or SEO audit tells you what is likely to be going wrong, but it is only the first step in an organic marketing strategy. Often the work to repair poor SEO is not hard work and with a bit of training it can be done by most tech-savvy people in an office environment. It’s the knowledge of the pitfalls that is the hardest information to come by. Fortunately we run many of our own businesses and have made the mistakes so you can avoid them. We offer hands on management to selected clients or you can choose to use us for our site quality reviews and implement the work yourselves. 

Needless to say, if you do nothing with an audit, or don’t work to act on the remedial tasks nothing is likely to change. 

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