Shop Till-E Review | Is it the Underrated Shop Till Champion?

shop till review of shop till-e

Shop Till-E maybe the most underrated shop till platform on the market right now, and I’m going to show you why.

Full disclosure – NONE TO GIVE

That’s right, I decided to review this after stumbling across it on a quiet afternoon. I have no involvement with them, but as an experienced retailer, I have tried some stinkers. This is worth watching the video for.

Is Shop Till-E the best Shop Till that you’ve never heard of?

So what is Shop Till-E? Well they are a UK company that make a system for you to sell your wares in your offline bricks and mortar store, but also integrate it, so you can sell online too. It pulls the stock figures from the same inventory file, with the goal of making your life easier.

Now, I am not fan of spurious page builder sites – but I was impressed by this.

What struck me immediately was the speed of page load and the fact that our case study site was heavy in terms of page size but tiny in terms of code size.

In fact, I completely forgot to mention that in the video below. But in our test we did, text to code ratio was showing as 12% for the home page. What is ‘Text to Code ratio’? Well, it’s a metric that search crawlers can use to determine how deep your on-page content is – that said Google say it won’t affect your rankings.

Even still, it could be for Bing, Yahoo and others. It could be the very thing that relates to good SEO results.

Take a look at these snapshots.


Shop Till-E page builder site in action with Argosy Toys a Toy Shop in Southend, UK. (My kid loves this place btw)

So what you can see above, is the sum total of all the text content on the site that isn’t just pulled from the product sliders. It’s not deep. Nor is it hugely interesting or readable. But the crawler sees this….


Has Shop Till-E pulled a blinder? Or does it even matter?

Look at that text to code ratio. 12%. A quality score was once considered 15% and most sites don’t hit double digits. Now as a disclaimer, this score is not a ranking factor on its own, but it does show quite how light the code is and that is a good factor.

The take-home for us, is unlike Wix and others, this is a slim code site. That’s something to like.

What does this online Shop Till lack?

Well, I won’t spoil the video, but a few things it could do with:

  • Easier customisation without needing the company to do it
  • Breadcrumbs for internal linking
  • FOMO – call to action triggers on transactional pages
  • Menu navigation can be temperamental

Now, some of these aspects may be there, and just not capitalised on, but for the features, it does have I’d say it’s really worth a consideration when you are looking for website design packages.

My background to make this Shop Till call?

I have owned and operated a retail chain since 2013, I have used a ton of shop payment systems, EPOSNOW, Shopify, Vend HQ, another I have totally forgotten, the pretty one that looks like it was made by Apple and more.

I know how difficult it can be to integrate your in-store shop till sales with your stock sold from online and it’s why I needed to write this review.

If you’re sitting on the fence, there are other options out there, but as a first foray, I think it’s a decent shout.

Anyway, watch the video and see what I uncovered that could help this business in 30 minutes. The same length of time as my business mentoring calls.

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Helping Offline Retailers with Internet Sales

So not long after I made this video, I sent it over to Argosy Toys and had a great email back and forth with their passionate owner Paul. Within 24 hours he had made some edits to his site in line with my guidance and this happened.

helping offline retails more from a shop till to the web

Yes, the store now ranks top of Google for the local search term. This is the difference between 10 of those clicks a month and nearly half of them.

Multiply that by 12 months in a year and it’s nearly 500+ potential shoppers a year that were made possible with little more than 30 minutes advice and a little bit of the right text in the right places.

If just 10% of those 500 shop and spend £20 a year in the store each, that’s an additional £1000 of revenue from just one part of that guidance. The reality is, that number would be higher. 

It’s not rocket science it’s just about realising that sometimes you need an e-commerce marketing expert and not a website designer to handle these things. The internet is the future for every business, offline or online – time to take it seriously. Want to see how I can help you?

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