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We love technical seo as it’s sometimes the closest thing to finding the Google ‘on’ switch. One fix can improve an entire website’s ability to rank. While obviously a Google switch is not a thing, our technical SEO agency is experienced in diagnosing and fixing those issues under the bonnet that slow you down.

A Technical SEO Agency That Can Fix Issues Too

Our technical seo agency specialists are code aware. This means we know how to fix the problems we spot. While every fix requires a different solution, it does mean we can handle any follow on work seamlessly.

Not every site will have technical SEO problems as their main need, but it’s rare there are not issues. This is due to many using plug ins such as Yoast which fail to address them, or not pre-planning your site architecture from the outset.

Page Speed/Vitals

Page speed can hurt conversions and is a ranking factor. This can be due to bloated code, big files or poor theme compilation. We can improve 'Core Vitals' scores.

Structured Data

Schema/Structured data help Google better understand your site to rank it, but also improve your ranking appearance, which means higher CTRs.

IA/Site Structure

Every site should be built in a way that helps Google AND users understand how to navigate it. If you didn't plan your structure, it's likely you may have issues.

Search Console Fixes

You may have had emails that tell you your site has warnings or errors. We can work with you to translate it all and highlight which ones matter. Then fix them.

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Is Technical SEO Worth It?

When You Need A Technical SEO Agency

Sometimes it's old work that holds you back

Lots of website owners ask us for more keyword research and plan on doing more of the same. But if they aren't ranking for what they have previously done, more of the same won't mean improvements.

Sometimes our issues lie in legacy mistakes. Not planning our site and creating cannibalisation. Poor internal linking with no predefined breadcrumb structure, duplicate content, canonical and indexable pages that can't be reached. Lots of problems that hurt you are under the bonnet. Without knowing that these items are even a problem, they are never going to be requested fixing.

Which makes it hard for you to know what to ask for. Fortunately our technical seo agency have seen so many sites and know what to look for. Fixing these problems can have huge positive benefits across your entire site and that is why auditing your technical seo is needed and well worth it. The long term ROI of using a technical seo agency can't be overlooked.

Our Technical SEO Agency Works With

If you host your website on any of the following CMS (Content Management Systems) or platforms, we can help.

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Why Trust Our Technical SEO Agency

Having spent many years working in-house on technical SEO for my own businesses and others, I founded SEO Fairy initially on Fiverr to offer something that often seemed lacking there. Reliable, experienced, trusted technical SEO specialists. 

My services have gained the status of Top Rated Seller, which is a manually selected standard and requires consistent high performance, 5 star reviews and repeat clients. Check out our profile on the platform to verify for yourself. 

What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the process of optimising a website under the bonnet. These are the factors we can often not see visually, but all work together to ensure your site is accessible, able to be crawled effectively by search engines, has a clear information architecture and loads well. This is not an exhaustive list but tends to be an area overlooked by many when trying to improve their website’s rankings. 

Technical SEO requires an understanding of how websites are built, coding languages and how they should be planned. While there is no such thing as a Google switch to turn on your rankings, fixing aspects like dated website theme code can speed up your entire site and lead to wholesale improvements in your SERP(Search Engine Ranking Page) appearances. 

One fix our technical SEO agency can have a profound effect. That’s no guarantee that technical SEO specialists will find that fix for you, but invariably most sites neglect this important part of the optimisation process.

Technical SEO Service Pricing

How Much Is A Technical SEO Agency?

Technical SEO Audits

Our technical SEO audits start from as little as £199 and depending on site size and complexity tend to cap out at £799. Bigger sites with more pages and more complex structures can take longer and therefore are priced accordingly. The audits explain next steps and contain action steps. You can implement these things yourself and not need us anymore.

Technical SEO Repairs

Technical SEO repair pricing is very much a piece of string measuring exercise. If the work is simple and quick to do it can cost as little as £100, if it requires experienced developers then the tasks will be itemised down into individual pricing, ordered by importance. This tends to be priced on an hourly rate of £59 p/h. We offer reduced rates for monthly retained clients.

Need Something Bespoke?

As you grow so does the importance of making digital work for you. If you need something a little more specialised, book a call today

Technical SEO Services that suit your budget

A technical seo audit uses a host of professional tools such as Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, Developer Tools and experience to deep dive into all facets of technicals and reports back in video and written output. We offer a Zoom debriefing after you have taken the time to see the findings.

Our technical seo specialists can work with you post audit to fix issues that are uncovered. Whether it’s the primary issues or all of them. We won’t send you away clueless.

It’s important that issues arising during a technical seo audit are not repeated. The only way we can stop that from happening is by explaining what the problems are and how to avoid them happening again. This means our intention is to coach you on the checks you need to make long term. 

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