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Website Design Packages

Website Design packages aren’t really websites for a business if they don’t have time spent first planning their need, their purpose and the architecture. This is before we look at the future user experience, how it will be managed, promoted and laid out.

There’s a lot to cover, here we are going to talk about how Deathground can help you with our website design packages. Importantly, what we do as part of those website packages for small business.

Website Design Packages for Small Business

The first port of calling when you have made the decision to create a website for your small business is for us to learn how to build an online presence that works for what you will need it for. Having experience in e-commerce and using websites for local service style companies, we know a fair bit about the obstacles and questions you will ask in time.

Our job in the pre-planning stage is to ask you the right questions, so we can customise our website design packages for your true needs.

We aren’t talking about putting together an online brochure site and sending you on your way.

That won’t work for you, even if the price of those seems good.

A poorly planned website just WON’T rank.

Worse than that (if that is a thing) – you will lose the opprtunity to capture data, lose sales from bad user experience planning and will be spending money in a year or two repeating the exercise.

The amount of small business owners who spend on multiple website builds, thinking its that which is hurting them. The visual design is actually a much smaller part of the ‘success online‘ equation than you might think.

Don’t take our word for it:

Fast is better than slow

Google | 10 Things we know to be true

That’s right. If you have gone for one of these low cost website design packages before, how often was Page Speed or First Paint discussed?

I’m guessing never.

By the way, we aren’t saying our small business website packages aren’t low cost or affordable, we just ask you to look at more than merely the pretty pictures. All our design packages are modular, so you can add or remove what you wish, but we make the proposal as we think you’d be crazy not to think about the bigger picture.

small business website design packages

What do I need to think about?

Before you decide on any website design packages for your business from anywhere and anyone, you need to consider some of the following areas:

  • What is your marketing plan | Will you be using paid ads or organic search traffic
  • Can you market your products with paid ads?
  • Your site needs to be fast and you must be frugal with your plugin or app budget
  • What features do you envision needing – from landing to conversion
  • Have you considered what blog/content page style you admire most
  • Where is your site going to be hosted – who offers upgradeable platforms for faster access
  • Can you easily find people to fix this type of code if necessary
  • Unique images are going to be needed – have a visual content plan in mind
  • IA – Information architecture is about the prior planning of how the site will be navigated
  • SEO focused keyword research to name categories most effectively
  • Payment processing options – some are buggy with certain design themes
  • Brand voice for content writing – what is yours?

There are an almost inexhaustable list of areas that you should consider before committing to a set design and structure. But the key thing is to make sure what you are doing is future proof.

This means you build something that can last you for a number of years in a positive way.

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What website builder is best in our view?

You are going to want to change the appearance in time, but you want to do it organically, not because you didn’t realise there were limitations with what you had. 

It’s this reason I don’t advocate the use of tools like Wix or Squarespace, and from experience would not recommend Shopify unless you are doing paid ads.

If SEO is your focus – which while being a long game is the sustainable way, then WordPress is the way. 

You may see a lot of websites when you search best website design packages that talk about ‘Top 10 web builder apps’. 

Check out their articles then click on the links to those platforms.

Have a look in the google url bar at the top. Lots and lots and lots of letters and numbers right?

That’s an affiliate link that earns the reviewer money when you click it. Sadly when you are about to invest your money and your time into a project that could change your life for the good or the bad, that kind of advice isn’t helpful for you.

This is why we offer our 100% independent launch consultation service that you can access by Zoom or phone and pay for a small chunk of time but get years worth of experience for it.

What is a Launch Consultation?

A Free 15 minute discovery call where we can help you prepare what you need to have in place first, you can book a slot in and get you thinking in the right mindset. If that sets a few lightbulbs on, then we offer a 30 minute Q&A with our lead e-com strategist, where we answer any questions you have and give advice on the best route forward. The call is recorded and sent to you by email, so you have a way to play it all back.

For £69 you’re getting access to a highly experience business-owner with years of experience of walking your path. This works even if you want to learn to build your own website design.

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