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Day 2 | How do I point a GoDaddy domain to Siteground

This could be a short day 2 entry or a long one. Let’s see how it goes. How do I point a GoDaddy domain to Siteground, that’s the question we are going to answer. And it’s what we need to do to be able to start building on WordPress. While tomorrow we will talk about how to choose a WordPress theme.

We left off yesterday with a screen that featured some number type code I told you to write down. Don’t worry it will still be there.

We are going to log into Siteground and GoDaddy, or if you have left the tabs open then that makes things easier.

In Siteground grab those ‘Point to these urls’ details and in GoDaddy go to ‘My Products’ and scroll down to your list of domains. It should look something like this.

how do i point a godaddy domain to siteground

You are now going to click those blue DNS letters to the right of your chosen domain and wait for the page to open. What you’re seeing above is my ‘sandbox’. It’s my play account with Godaddy that I have to test some of the ideas for website design packages I help put together.

How to point a Godaddy domain to Siteground

When that page opens – DON’T FREAK OUT! You are not in the matrix, you just need to scroll down a touch till you see this section.

learning how to make a wordpress site

At this point, you click the blue ‘Change’ button and you’ll see an editable version of above. You are simply going to delete what is in those fields and insert the information you wrote down from Siteground. In the picture above you can see I have done that here.

Then you save and you can shut the window down. You have just learned to point a GoDaddy domain to Siteground.

Installing WordPress on Siteground for the first time

Now back on Siteground you had that screen like this

Here you are going to click the box on the left, to manage site.

Which will take you to this page below. If you don’t see this page, click on the word websites on the top navigation bar and select manage. Either way you end up at the point below.

I’ve highlighted the bit I want you to click on the left, that is: WordPress >> Install and Manage.

How to install a WordPress site on Siteground

You then have the choice of WordPress or WordPress with WooCommerce. The first is great if you want to start a blog or professional services business, the second is if you want an e-commerce store. I prefer to start as stripped back as possible, as it means I don’t bloat the site out.

Bloated sites mean poor performance.

Click where Harold the cat is, and then the screen slides down to this section.

Fill in your details as you wish. But keep the top few boxes as default. This means don’t change anything above the section ‘Admin Info’. Not unless you want to change the language.

Add in a username you want to use to log into your site’s working end, make a password that is memorable but hard to hack and your email.

Leave the multi-site option unchecked >> Click install.

What you get after that is a page that lets you log in to start editing your site. But at the moment as you have only just pointed a Godaddy domain to Siteground, the network won’t have updated yet. In fact it will take a few hours. So there is not much more that can be done today.

In future when you want to work on your site for this tutorial, head to this section on the Siteground dashboard and click the link I and Harold are hovering over.

building a web platform

But you can watch this video I made this morning about building the site. And other than that, I hope you found my Day 2 – how to point a Godaddy domain to Siteground helpful. Give us your comments and I’ll answer any questions you may have. 

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